The Latest in Louisiana Traffic Accident News

The Latest in Louisiana Traffic Accident News

Welcome to, where we strive to provide you with the latest news and details concerning motor vehicle crashes that have occurred in the great state of Louisiana. No matter where you live, car accidents are bound to be a common occurrence.

Notice: Lawyers Are Important!

We’d like to take this moment to remind our readers that if you’ve been hurt in a car accident in Louisiana, you should make it a point to get in touch with a capable Baton Rouge car accident lawyer. Insurance companies are tricky, and the legal system is complicated. Whether your claim can settle through negotiations or must go to court, you don’t want to get taken advantage of and leave money on the table!

While we do not know the exact circumstances in the accidents listed below, we provide our readers with some potential legal scenarios that might follow in the aftermath of these wrecks. We do this to give you an idea of what your own legal options might be should you ever find yourself in a similar situation.

Without further ado, here’s the most recent information on Louisiana crashes:

April 7, 2017 – Alexandria

A fatal motorcycle accident took place in the early morning hours of Friday, April 7. The police believe that the now-deceased motorcyclist was speeding when he crossed a bridge while travelling southbound on Louisiana Highway 121. He appears to have lost control of his bike and careened into a guardwall, which caused him to be thrown from the motorcycle. Although the Leesville man was wearing a helmet, he did not survive impact.

While this was a single-vehicle crash, it isn’t yet known if there were any additional factors beyond speed that contributed to the crash, such as intoxication or poor road conditions. If there were any external factors that indicate fault on the part of a third party, the family of the biker might be able to make a case for compensation with help from an experienced motorcycle crash attorney.

April 5, 2017 – New Iberia

This two-vehicle head-on collision happened on Loreauville Road in New Iberia. A Texas man was driving westbound when his pickup truck crossed over into the opposite lane for as-yet unknown reasons. His vehicle collided with a minivan being driven by a woman travelling in the opposite direction. The pickup’s front end was destroyed while the minivan was forced onto its side by the impact.

The drivers were the only people involved in the crash. The pickup driver suffered critical injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital. The minivan’s driver sustained critical injuries and died at the scene, however.

Like many accidents that are only a few days old, the cause of the head-on has not yet been determined. It’s too early to say, but when one car drifts out of its lane, then distracted, drunk, and drowsy driving are often to blame. Should this turn out to be the case, a wrongful death attorney with experience in car crash cases might be able to help the minivan driver’s family recover financial compensation for their loss.

Natchitoches – April 4, 2017

A late-evening crash has taken the life of an off-duty sheriff’s deputy. The sixty-two-year-old’s vehicle smashed into another car that was stopped prior to turning. The occupants of the other vehicle suffered only moderate injuries, but the sheriff’s deputy did not survive.

It isn’t yet known what caused this particular accident, as details have not been forthcoming. Should it be revealed that the deputy was at fault somehow, then the two injured victims will have the option to recover damages from the deputy’s estate. They’ll be wise to work with a Louisiana personal injury lawyer in this case.

However, it may turn out that the other car should not have been stopped, in which case the deputy’s family will have grounds for a wrongful death claim. In all likelihood, both parties will bear some level of fault, and it will be up to a jury to decide who bears the majority of the blame.

Baton Rouge – March 31

Twenty-eight Baton Rouge high-school students were injured in a crash involving the two buses they were riding. There were actually more students on a third bus that was thankfully uninvolved in the wreck. All of the injuries involved were minor to moderate, although many of the students were reportedly emotionally upset by the event.

The accident between the two buses was a rear-end collision. The lead bus had slowed down due to traffic, but the driver of the trailing bus was apparently not paying attention and drove into the first bus’s rear. The reason for the driver’s inattentiveness has not yet been disclosed.

While the injuries that occurred in this bus accident were mostly minor and nearly all of the students were sent home that day, all of them were taken to a hospital for evaluation. Because the bus driver was cited for careless operation of a motor vehicle, she is also potentially facing a large number of injury lawsuits. Should it turn out that she was improperly trained or had a poor driving record, then the charter bus company might be found at fault, as well.

Monroe – March 28

A four-car intersection accident recently left multiple people injured in Monroe. A witness on the scene said that he saw one car run a red light and crash into another. The remaining cars became a part of the accident when they were unsuccessful in avoiding the collision. Information regarding the extent of the injuries suffered was not made available, but multiple people were hospitalized as a result. No one was killed.

Multiple-vehicle crashes are usually difficult to sort out fault for. This case appears exceptionally clear-cut—at least on the surface. If the witness testimony is accurate, then the driver who ran the traffic light is likely at fault and had best have good insurance coverage. However, it might turn out that there was a problem with the traffic light or that some other external factor contributed to causing the crash. It’s readily apparent that someone was at fault, although an experienced attorney will need to investigate before a determination can be made.